Briar Rose Farm

AKC Beagles and Bloodhounds


Briar Rose Farm is dedicated to providing top quality beagles and bloodhounds. We are located in Winnsboro, TX which is just 80 miles from Dallas.

We raise beagles for use in the field, and for the home. We believe that beagles make excellent additions to any household, which is why three of our beagles stay in our own home. We also use our beagles for field trialing. We usually raise about two litters of beagle puppies a year. We also offer dogs at stud during certain times of the year (check the stud page for availability).

We also raise bloodhounds for use in the field as tracking dogs and police dogs, as well as for pets. Bloodhounds are expert trackers and also can be a great addition to any family. We will be raising about one litter of bloodhounds a year.

Below are links to pictures of our dogs where you can also view their pedigrees.

For litter availability, check the puppies page or you can contact us at 706-766-1715. You can also drop us an email at .

Thanks for considering Briar Rose Farm for you Beagle and Bloodhound needs.


Briar Rose Rebekah

Brindis' Mt High Blue

Sarah's Running Rose

Briar Rose Black Bandit

Rock-A-Bye Sassy

Briar Rose Mt High Jacob

Briar Rose Rock-A-Bye Sonny

Briar Rose Copper Bandit

Stud Dogs



Briar Rose Ellie May

Lance’s Griffin Georgia Cool Hand Luke

Stud Dogs