Pedigree of Briar Rose Rock-a-bye Sonny






Briar Rose Black Bandit

Flint Creek Jack

B And W's Wright Line Paycheck

FC B And W's Wright Line Ozzie

FC B And W's Wright Line Brownie

Hagan's Little Oozie

B And W's Wright Line Lana

FC B And W's Wright Line Carson

B And W's Wright Line Betty

Flint Creek Girt

FC Thorn Gap Bad Jack

Abc Spikes Image

Thorn Gap Jane

T And T Line Tammy

B And W's Hard Luck Playboy

Trail A Way Janie

Martin's Black Duce

Maness' Jo

Hick's Blackk Diamond

Baty's Blue Jim

Baty's Blue Bell

Hick's Red Payge

Rice's Black Twister

Baty's Blue Payge

Martin's Laura

Martin's Elvis Jr

Elvis's Big Ranger

Green Valley Southern Bell

Pardue's Julie Ann

Gibb's Bunky

Blanks Little Tricky

Rock-a-bye Sassy

Browns Sand Mountain Mutt

Northsides Stubby

Cherokee Job

Barber Smooth On Judge

Glynn's Smooth On Polly

Swamp Run Sally Iii

Blackcreek Watson

Blackcreek Mandy Ii

Burrow's Lo-mo Lilly

Burrows And Tauzins Boomer

Burrow's Rocky Red

Burrow's Lady Bird

Burrow's Speckle Jill

Hill's Rock

Burrow's Little Red Eva

Impressive Adeedra Jean

FC Surefoot Sir Mark

FC Taproot Thief

FC Bun-e-line Black Bandit

Romega Ann

Terr-a-line Red Lucy

FC Surefoot James

Rock Creek Linda Gail

Bullock's Bernice

FC Bullock's Turk

FC Weekend Warrior

FC Bullock's Cathy

FC Bullock's Ladonna

FC Bullock's Turk

Bullock's Maddonna